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Welcome to Maximilian Real Estate, a company, where trust meets expertise in every property transaction. As a beacon of integrity in the real estate industry, we have built our reputation on a foundation of reliability, transparency, and a relentless commitment to our clients’ goals.

We are a dedicated team of experienced real estate and investment professionals, driven by a passion for excellence. Our focus lies in executing notable projects that adhere to the rigorous economic and regulatory standards set by our esteemed investment partners. We thrive on innovative thinking, infusing extraordinary concepts into our developments. Collaborating closely with trusted partners, we specialize in crafting unique solutions for exceptional properties.

Headquartered in heart of Europe, in the city of Munich, we collaborate extensively with renowned European single family offices and large institutions. leveraging our extensive network, we have established strong roots in New York City – a metropolis synonymous with superlatives, creativity, and inspiration. It pulsates with a blend of allure, exciting ventures, and hidden, distinctive locales. this dynamic environment allows us to offer exclusive opportunities throughout the city to our clients and business associates.  

Our mission is to build transcontinental bridges that inspire, innovate, and redefine the real estate landscape. we are committed to fostering a culture of creativity, unconventional thinking, and creating distinctive properties that resonate with our global partners.

"Trust is fundamental to any society
that wishes to prosper,
and to any economy that seeks to advance."
Alan Greenspan



Maximilian Real Estate epitomizes the intersection of trust and exceptional investment solutions. With a rich heritage of empowering European single-family offices, institutional clients, and esteemed real estate developers, we redefine investment excellence with unparalleled sophistication and unwavering integrity.

Our unique selling proposition lies in our focused, bespoke support of investment partners and clients. This approach, combined with expertise, project-specific innovative ideas, and an internationally renowned industry network, forms the cornerstone of our success stories. Maximilian Real Estate prioritizes long-term, effective, and trustworthy partnerships characterized by transparent communication over mere transactions.

Trust demands dedicated effort, reliability, transparency, and courage, principles that underpin and drive our work. In collaboration with esteemed international partners, our projects create compelling business opportunities that rigorously adhere to fundamental real estate investment criteria and embody sustainable development principles that resonate with contemporary demands.

"Creating values isn't just about generating profits;
it's about fostering enduring impact and meaningful growth."


The modern global business landscape is undergoing rapid and dynamic change, necessitating efficient and precise responses to market demands to create sustainable value. Our foundation rests on a steadfast commitment to understanding the unique financial goals and aspirations of our clients.

With a proven track record of success and a robust network of global partners, we specialize in delivering customized investment strategies tailored to specific needs. From rigorous market analysis to strategic deal structuring, we leverage cutting-edge insights to optimize returns and mitigate risks effectively.

We create great values for single-family offices, institutional investors, and real estate developers.

Establishing a collaborative and trustworthy relationship with single-family offices demands a blend of sensitivity and strategic expertise. We work successfully with renowned single-family offices, prioritizing trust to forge successful partnerships. Our focus is on individual investment requirements, actively participating in selecting exciting projects. For institutional investors such as funds, banks, insurance companies, and private groups, we provide targeted support during project-specific acquisitions.

Whether working independently or with industry-leading partners, including prominent real estate developers in Europe and North America, we provide customized solutions to meet their needs and create great value for all parties.