Our goal for the next 5 years?

Nothing less than to be the most inspiring partner for real estate transactions in Germany, Canada and the USA.

Projects that inspire. Together with the most renowned in the real estate industry.

Maximilian Real Estate, headquartered in Munich, operates in the field of real estate project development in Germany and North America. Our focus is on project-specific cooperation with internationally renowned family offices and institutional investors. Our  strength lies in our flexibility, above-average commitment and a international, strong network.  We enjoy a successful relationship with industry-leading groups, operators, family offices, investors and private investors. Our aim is also to involve far-sighted sustainability aspects in our projects, which impress as economically attractive business cases. Maximilian Real Estate is a young company and does not look back on decades of experience, which is why it was our goal from the very beginning to only learn from the best in the industry and to work successfully with them. The company was founded on the basis of a vision and lives this philosophy every day.

Real estate as modern, optimized working and living spaces.

Together with our international project partners, we develop innovative concepts for real estate with added value. Real estate that adapts to the needs of the people living in it - not the other way around.


Current acquisition strategy:
Please ask for our current profile (PDF). Email or +49 (0)89 441 350 86


Real estate purchase and sale.

We assist our clients in the purchase of real estate for their portfolio, as well as in the qualified sales process of their property. Within this segment we focus on the asset classes residential (from EUR 10 million), office (from EUR 15 million), micro living (from EUR 15 million) and upscale, private apartments (from EUR 3 million).

Please feel free to contact us also for sales with individual sales strategy, including branding, marketing and sales process. We currently offer individual sales of other developer projects only in Munich, Nuremberg, Toronto and New York City.

The focus of Maximilian Estate:

● Structuring of real estate project developments in Southern Germany, the USA (East Coast) and Canada

Transaction management for real estate purchases and sales

Structuring of club deals in the area of project development (forward deals) in the residential and hotel asset classes

Single Family Office support in the area of real estate. Including support in portfolio restructuring, rental space needs etc..


Our strength lies in the focused and individual support of our investment partners and clients, which, coupled with competence, project-specific innovative ideas and an internationally renowned industry network, offers excellent conditions for success stories.

Our focus is on long-term, effective and pleasant partnerships that result in transparent communication instead of superficial one-off transactions. Trust requires passionate work, reliability, transparency and courage, but these are exactly the principles we want to work by.

With our developments, together with renowned partners, we want to create ecologically and economically attractive alternatives that can convincingly stand up to fundamental real estate investment criteria independently of the integrated sustainability concept as an independent business case. Sustainable developments that reflect the spirit of the time.


There is not only one way


We are a team of passionate real estate experts who are complemented by creative architects. Impressive projects with a sustainable approach and focused on the economic, regulatory requirements of FOs and institutional investors. We love to think things differently and to integrate extraordinary ideas into our concepts. Sit together with trustful partners and find solutions for amazing properties. Developments in exciting places around the world. In pulsating metropolises and beautiful landscapes. With the aim to inspire, to motivate to think differently and to create unique properties for its tenants and residents.


Learn to Surf with Us


Renowned network of families
and institutional investors.


The individual and competent care of family assets requires special sensitivity and strategically significant considerations. In the real estate sector, we successfully cooperate with renowned, internationally active family offices. A transparent and open cooperation is especially important to us in order to write successful stories together.


Together with the leading asset managers of our clients in the area of Private Wealth, we identify strategically interesting investment opportunities. We focus on the individual investment requirements in order to involve specifically exciting projects in the selection process. A long-standing relationship of trust offers a fruitful basis here.


We provide targeted support to institutional investors such as funds, banks, insurance companies or private groups during the project-specific purchase, whether forward deal or an existing property, or the sale. We have a wide, renowned network at our disposal. Here we act directly or, if required, in cooperation with industry leading partners.


City of superlatives, creativity, inspiration. A cosmopolitan city that pulsates and offers ist inhabitants and guests a mix of fascination, exciting adventures, but also hidden, unique places. Within the New York trend neighborhood SoHo/Tribeca, an impressive property is to be built.  A mixed-use concept consisting a luxury hotel brand on the lower floors and upscale, wonderful apartments above. Approx. 39,000 sqm are planned for this spectacular project. An amazing combination of the unique atmosphere of SoHo/Tribeca and a modern lifestyle.


Special Atmosphere

The hotel will be designed as a magnet within the micro location, offering both internal and external guests a wide range of shopping, fine dining, stylish bar concepts, and unforgettable events - a property that interacts with its surroundings and actively enriches them. The property will be complemented with upscale apartments, with a amazing branded concept. Nice designer boutiques, chic stores of retail chains, as well as cosy, small shops. The micro location offers a relaxed feel-good atmosphere and is excellent for a shopping experience. The neighborhood is very comfortably located in the middle of Manhattan and allows short distances to numerous sights and hot spots of the city. The charming surroundings offer a unique haven of peace in the midst of the vibrant metropolis.

For any questions about potential options for the two asset classes hotel and residential, please do not hesitate to contact us: info(at)maximilian-estate.de


Hotel | Residential


A mixed-use development consisting of hotel and upscale rental apartments. Within the most popular and favourite neighbourhood of Toronto, an architecturally sophisticated tower is developed. The unique spirit of Toronto is to be impressively combined with European style elements. In Toronto, we work with an excellent local team of experts to ensure all the necessary requirements are met.

> Hotel | Residential: 47.000 sqm GFA

Hotel | Residential | Retail


Together with NEK Group from Stuttgart (Germany), a site of approx. 170,000 m² has been developed in Nuremberg since 2016. The project will create a modern, sustainable urban quarter with residential, commercial, hotel and retail facilities. A unique large-scale project in the middle of an excellent macro location, the economically strong region of Nuremberg. An awesome chance for the city.

> Hotel | Residential | Retail: 130.000 sqm GFA



In the south of Munich (Germany), a new, attractive residential quarter is being built. On approx. 12.000 sqm GFA the focus is on modern living with the target group families. The surrounding area offers great infrastructure, nice shopping facilities and shops for daily needs. Close to the city centre of Munich and yet only a short distance to the wonderful Bavarian foothills of the Alps. An ideal residential neighbourhood for families. 

> Residential: 12.000 sqm GFA


Far-sighted concepts


To ensure that our real estate developments in the area of long-term sustainability performance can positively excel with excellent top values and factors within the portfolios, fundamentally relevant factors in areas such as energy, economy, tenant friendliness, resource conservation or a farsighted, if necessary partly flexible space programme are given high priority right from the start in the midst of project planning.

> Numerous advantages such as innovative hybrid construction methods with modular timber construction enable high potential savings and sustainable construction.


Significant and increasingly significant, especially in view of ambitious international climate agreements. The goal is a property that optimally adapts to the needs of the respective type of use during the entire remaining term and creates ideal conditions with regard to sustainability, so that future target values for the portfolio's real estate portfolio can already be met or even exceeded here with foresight, coupled with long-term attractiveness and user comfort of the building.

> Sustainable real estate without sacrificing flexibility, architectural possibilities and building quality. Through optimization, construction times can be shortened and innovative concepts can be developed.

Individual investment opportunities for different portfolio strategies.

Together with our investment partners, we determine the ideal deal structure with maximum business case optimization for our project developments. Depending on the real estate strategy of our clients, we already define the best possible exit scenarios during the conception phase. If the objective is to keep the property in the portfolio, classic forward purchase and forward funding options are available depending on the requirements. We also structure equity investments, which offer attractive investment opportunities in our own pipeline, or the pipeline of our development partners.

In the case of operator properties, we work together with renowned operators who result in high-quality investment products with attractive returns and stable performance. Our focus in North America is in the upscale hotel sector.

> In North America, specific club deal structures enable participation in interesting returns paired with ideal location factors in attractive trophy properties within a trusting community with other part owners.


Toronto Downtown +
Together with a renowned project developer, Maximilian is planning an impressive, branded residential project in Toronto's prime location. Approx. 450 condos planned.

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    Toronto Downtown +
    Together with a renowned project developer, Maximilian is planning an impressive, branded residential project in Toronto's prime location. Approx. 450 condos planned.